AstralArk – Features & Updates

Now that the new cluster is finally live, we wanted to take a moment to go over some of the major changes and announce a couple of new features!

Aberration transfers

First of all, item downloads are now enabled on our Aberration server. This means that you can now transfer your character, items and dinos, if they are native to Aberration or are the normal variant of the Aberrant dinos. For example a normal Spino can be transferred but a Dire Wolf cannot.

Rules and settings

Server info

We have tried to keep all of the information regarding the server cluster in one place and in a format that would be easy to read. Please take a moment to have a read through this to avoid any surprises when playing in-game! You can find the server info page here.

Rules gate

The new cluster has a feature called Rules Gate. This provides us a means of ensuring all players on the server have read and accepted the rules. Upon joining the new cluster for the first time you will be granted a 60 minutes trial period during which you are able to play as normal. You will be reminded during the trial to accept our rules, which you can do here. If you do not read and accept our rules by the end of the trial period, you will be automatically kicked off the servers until you do so.

PremiumArk platform

This platform provides you with a number of useful features and tools that can be used during your time on AstralArk. Below are a few of the main things you may find useful:

  • See who is online across the cluster
  • See the level, tribe and activity of other players
  • Set a message of the day for your tribe
  • Ability to kick yourself from the server if you are unable to login (Your steam name > Settings > Special tools > Kick me!)

You can get to the PremiumArk platform by going to this link, or through the menu system on the AstralArk page of our website.

AstralArk shop

The AstralArk shop is a new way for us to reward those of you who donate and support us. To use it, simply select a token pack equaling the value that you wish to donate. Once donated, you will be awarded that number of tokens for you to spend on the shop if you so wish. The shop itself is entirely automated and anything purchased through it will be delivered automatically in-game to a drop, obelisk or transmitter for you to collect. We have tried to include things that may save you a bit of time or help you survive the perils of ARK. There is also a free starter pack available to any player on the servers, which will hopefully give you a kick start to your adventures on AstralArk.

If you have not already claimed your free starter pack, you can do so here!

Server side add-ons

We have started using new server-side add-ons to further improve your experience on the AstralArk cluster. These add-ons integrate seamlessly with the server and do not require you to install anything. We currently use three add-ons, details of which are below.

CrossARK chat

This add-on provides a shared global chat across the entire cluster, so no matter which server you are on you will always be able to talk to anyone on AstralArk. This is particularly helpful for those of you wishing to trade, find a tribe or contact an admin.

Safe zones

This allows us to restrict PVP and building in specific locations on a map. This means we can create a few safe spots for you to collect resources or trade with others. You will be notified when you enter and leave one of these zones.

Vote rewards

This add-on allows you to get rewards each time you vote for our servers on Each player can cast 3 votes per day – one per server – and each vote will grant you 5x Elements, 50x Metal Ingots and 100x Gasoline on the server you are voting for. To do so, simply click on the links below. You will then be redirected to sign in with your Steam account, which is necessary for the server to recognize you and give you your reward.

Vote for Ragnarok | Vote for The Island | Vote for Aberration

After voting, log on each server you have voted for, and type /votereward in chat. You will receive your rewards directly into your inventory.


We would really appreciate getting feedback about the shop and the vote rewards. To do so, please fill in the form below, using the “Server Feedback” subject.

If you are reporting another player or tribe, please fill in the fields below:

Include any supporting screenshots here:


If you want to stay up to date with Astral Imperium news, be sure to join our Discord server.
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