POLL – Server settings

Hi survivors!

Following the success of our last event that took place across the cluster, which doubled Experience, Resources and Taming, we decided to put up three different polls. This will allow you to express which multipliers you would enjoy the most when playing on our servers. We are asking for your input about Experience, Resources and Taming.

Votes are now open and will be closed on 20th June 7:00am (UK time).


If you have any questions, post a comment below and we will be happy to answer 🙂

Happy voting!


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13th June 2018
I like the rates we use currently - however having special events where the rates are increased for a short period is a good too.
13th June 2018
I agree :) Even though sometimes I wish some things would be quicker so I can do more, but no event is active :p
14th June 2018
Same , i like the rates as they are , maybe with the occasional event like a increased taming rate weekend or increased xp weekend every now n then , but the rates as they are now is one of the main reasons i like this server , higher rate servers i get bored of fast
14th June 2018
What do you think is boring with higher rates? Is it when servers tweak settings like dinos stats to achieve overpowered dinos? Also what do you consider too high? Very curious to know the answers, as we are one of the few servers that have quite low rates, and the choices I'm offering in the poll are not even like the majority of the unofficial servers out there which are around 10/15x if not more :p
15th June 2018
With higher rates everything gets too easy , if theres no challenge it gets boring , and i know the server rates are quite low compared to other unofficials , which is why i came back to playing ark when i found out the servers had relaunched, the high rate servers just dont interest me.
18th June 2018
Also it don't matter what the rates are, smashing rocks is never going to be a challenge bud :P
17th June 2018
I agree with Norlinri, 4x ain't op.... Getting metal is like pulling teeth atm lol fingers crossed for a wind change :P
18th June 2018
when you come off a 20x server to a 4x it probably isnt lol :D :D but for me i like the rates and 4x would seem way too much for me , being able to go out and get enough metal for 20k+ ingots in 1 sweep around our highlands base or around the mining area at the desert community area would just seem too easy for me .
18th June 2018
I've played on all rates bud, 20x was just the last lol. At the moment it takes me 20 min to get 1k metal ingots, took me 3 days to make a small metal base and already am fed up getting metal, in-fact I have stopped making my base and started doing other things because smashing rocks all day ain't fun for me :(... Took me four hours the other day to make a Chem bench, and because of the building mod it glitched out and placed wrong.. four hours doon the drain as I couldn't pick it up, the rates and the fact you can't pick up items are making it a bit harsh for me, still love the people and all the other rates... It's just like puling teeth is all lol.
19th June 2018
I know what you mean with things placing wrong , I wouldn’t like to guess how many metal foundations we’ve wasted because it shows it one place n then places it in another, some times it was taking 4 or 5 foundations just to place 1 where we wanted
17th June 2018
I love this rates and this settings.... but special events are always welcome !!! :D

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