EVENT – 2x Experience, 2x Resources, 4x Taming

Happy AstralArkversary survivors!

To celebrate the first month of the relaunch, we are going to enable 2x Experience, 2x Resources and 4x Taming across the cluster, effective immediately! On this special occasion we would like to thank you for playing on AstralArk, it is very nice to see players, old and new, enjoying their time on the servers.

This event will end on Sunday 6th May.

Don’t forget that if you wish to support the cluster, you can do so by donating via our shop here and get rewards in-game. You can also support us by voting for Ragnarok, The Island and Aberration and get 5 Elements, 50 Metal Ingots and 100 Gasoline on each server! Don’t hesitate to vote for all of them to increase your rewards.


If you want to stay up to date with Astral Imperium news, be sure to join our Discord server.
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