TOOL – Blueprint slots calculator

Hey there!

I have seen a lot of players recently who are wondering if they have the space to craft a blueprint, or if it is too expensive to fit in their smithy, fabricator or in their Beaver’s inventory.

For that reason, I have created a little tool which I hope will help a lot of you. It will help you calculate how many slots a blueprint requires in order to be crafted, and what weight you should expect if you want to craft it in your creature’s inventory. The only information you will need to fill is the different resources required for the blueprint.

Of course, you should still take into consideration that not every blueprint can be crafted in any inventory, so even if one of them would fit in your inventory it doesn’t mean that it can actually be crafted there. Some can only be crafted in your inventory, in a smithy/Beaver/Thorny Dragon/replicator, or in a fabricator/replicator.

The calculator can be found here.

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If you have difficulties using the calculator or have any questions or suggestions, please comment below and I will be happy to answer 🙂


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