16th March 2019 – 17th March 2019 all-day

As per players’ request, abandoned dinos and structures will be destroyed at some point this weekend. This will help make room for our newer players and improve server performance. Here is a list of the decay timers for the different structure tiers and dinos, please log in as soon as possible if you don’t want them to disappear and are planning on joining the cluster again in the future:

  • Thatch: 8 days
  • Wood: 16 days
  • Stone: 24 days
  • Metal: 32 days
  • TEK: 40/80 days
  • Dinos: 32 days

This is a one-off. This means that we will enable the setting so that structures and dinos are automatically destroyed if they have reached the decay timer. We will disable creatures and structures decay again right after.

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