23rd March 2019 @ 6:30 pm

What are we going to do?

We will try to complete a legendary Orbital Supply Drop.

What should we bring?

You should come well prepared as we expect this to be very challenging. Bring as many creatures as you want that you are not afraid to lose. We would recommend bringing platform saddles, metal spikes, TEK shields, turrets and lots of ammo. Bring Gigas, Meks, Rex with TEK saddles, Wyverns, Titanosaurs, Titans… Everything that can give us a chance to win and go as far as possible.

How will the loot be fairly distributed?

If on the first attempt we manage to complete the 5 rounds with no issue, we will then repeat it for each participating tribe. If it proves more difficult, the admins will pick up all the loot and divide it equally by the number of participating tribes.
Let’s take blueprints as an example. There are 5 participating tribes and 10 blueprints. We will ask which tribe wants the first two blueprints, in the order they appear in the vault. The content of the loot (here, the two blueprints) will be unknown to anyone until they’re given it. The process will be repeated for items that don’t stack (weapons, armour etc.). As a bonus, we will match any stacks of items (element dust, metal ingots etc.) for all the participating tribes.

Where do we meet?

The meeting point is on Extinction, at 50.5 lat / 26.5 lon. This is just around the Green Obelisk. We will then head to the OSD when we are all ready.
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