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    – Fixed a server crash related to uploading and downloading

    – Major Primitive+ update with a number of fixes, incorporation of major base game patches, as well as full Total Conversion functionality, including engrams, on Aberration and Scorched Earth.
    – Fix for Dinos starving when they have access to food
    – Bag size limit increased to 600 slots
    – Forced One-time mindwipe due to recent balance changes

    – Fixed multiple holes, collisions, and general bugs across all maps
    – Fixed a bug where the Poison Wyvern would loot player bodies from direct hits
    – Cliff platforms can no longer be built on top of Obelisk terminals
    – Cliff platforms can no longer be placed on world barriers
    – Fixed a bug which would cause flyers to flee from players when attacking water
    – Karkinos can no longer be grabbed by Quetzal
    – Fixed a bug which would cause the Leech to be stuck on a player’s screen when they die
    – Fixed a bug with ladders which would desync a character’s client from the server
    – Fixed a bug with Tamed level 1 Griffin causing them to have negative HP
    – Fixed level of detail issues with the Tek Tapejara Saddle
    – Improved Flyer AI so that they no longer do circles into the air when attacking each other
    – Reduced Pachyrhino head armour
    – Reduced Flak armour scaling by 7%
    – Reduced HP of Argentavis by 20%
    – Reduced cloning cost of Griffin
    – Reduced the speed of Plesiosaur and Ichthyosaurus by approximately 35%
    – Reduced the amount of durability damage taken from projectiles when a Glider suit is equipped by approximately 60%
    – Reduced the resource cost of Fabricated Sniper recipe scale by 25%
    – Change weight of Cloth, Hide, Chitin, Flak, Fur, Desert, Hazard, and Ghillie
    – Increased Green House Structures HP and Decay Timer. The HP increase is not retroactive, and will only affect new structures.
    – Increased Vault Storage slots from 150 to 350
    – Added Pincode to Refrigerator
    – Change Tek Saddle so that it can no longer be shot during lightning storms

    – Moschops damage (and harvesting) buffed by 30%
    – Introduced tighter limits on number of nearby cliff platforms
    – Fixed bug that caused Pachyrhino gas to give swamp fever
    – Fixed bug causing Ascension character loss if you hadn’t interacted with a terminal
    – Fixed a transfer all exploit
    – Fixed infinite looping chainsaw noise

    – Quetz c4 bomber exploit fixed
    – Fixed Otter weight limit working properly
    – Fixed Sarco not fitting through dino gates
    – Players can no longer be handcuffed to toilets
    – Wild Raptor now pounces players in PvE
    – Corrected the glowtail egg weight
    – Paracer Platform Saddle is now in Aberration Supply Crates
    – Moschops dossier updated
    – Debugging information for GetModifierKeys crash
    – Sponsored Mod Page Update
    – Fixed a rare physics crash related to destruction

    – Fix for allowing players to transfer between servers
    – Unversioned minor BattlEye update

    – Fixed tamed Oviraptors getting bunified
    – Fixed game exploits involving using a BattlEye bypass to ignore pin codes, access storage and the exploit the ascension mechanic
    – Fixed torch placement on tlc2 saddles
    – Moschops is now rideable!
    – Moschops harvesting effectiveness reduced by approximately 30%
    – Fixed a PvE bug causing non-allied dinos to rapidly lose their food under specific circumstances
    – Fixed friendly Raptor pounce dismounting nearby riders
    – Multiple fixes for Chick Hat placement


    – Eggcellent Adventure content, available for Unofficials with commandline: -ActiveEvent=Easter (not enabled yet on official servers, TBA)
    – Multiple mesh/base exploit fixes
    – Raptor Pack Buff now lasts for 45 seconds
    – Global Banlist URL has been updated to
    – Fix Raptor Basic Attack audio
    – Fixed Aberrant trike colourization
    – Sarco can now hurt target on roll even if it can’t carry it
    – Fix for crash when equipping empty folder
    – Updated Argent claw grab back to original weight restrictions
    – Fixes for forceflee from Parasaur
    – Fixes for Parasaur not attacking targets when ordered to
    – Raptor can no longer pounce very small things like insects
    – Fix for trike getting stuck charging
    – Players can no longer build in the puzzle cave on Ragnarok
    – Fixed a bug where Spino Hydration buff would timeout unexpectedly
    – Pinned target no longer stays down if Raptor is killed
    – Removed pounces while being carried
    – Fix for Argent grabbing through walls

    279.2245 (client)
    – Added support for ARK Park dino export feature

    – Temporarily allowed Ragnarok puzzle cave building to allow players to evacuate the area.
    – Fixed an issue that caused the player to be ejected from the saddle when using the Raptor pounce
    – Fixed a bug that made Moschops rideable
    – Fixed an issue that caused pre-patch Argents to lack ability to craft in their saddle
    – Fixed the looping of the Spino torpor animation

    Dino TLC – Argentavis!
    – Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
    – Can carry two creatures
    C – grabs/releases creatures with beak
    Right Click – grabs/releases creatures with claws
    – Health regen buff from consuming corpses
    – Saddle acts as a mobile crafting station
    – Reduced the weight of various resources by up to 50% (Obsidian, Metal, Metal Ingot, Polymer, and Stone)

    Dino TLC – Parasaur!
    – Receives a sound tweak and some new abilities:
    – Alarm mode
    Can be put in turret mode and check for nearby threats
    Notifies you audibly and visually when threats are present
    – Scare small creatures
    C when ridden – scares away small/mid creatures
    Toggle for alarm mode to have it automatically do it
    – Scan
    Can trigger a scan (right click) when ridden
    Scans for nearby threats
    Notifies you visually when threats are present

    Dino TLC – Raptor!
    – Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
    – Pounce
    Right-click to pounce on a target
    Pins small targets to ground for short period
    Press left-click to attack repeatedly
    – Pack Buff
    Activates with C key when 3 Raptors are together
    Increases damage resistance
    Increases movement speed
    Increases attack speed
    Lasts 45s

    Dino TLC – Sarco!
    – Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
    – Idles with mouth open now
    – Death roll
    Grabs its target and rolls dealing damage and disabling them
    – Lunge
    Can lunge towards a target in front of it
    – 180 attack
    Can spin in place to attack foes behind it
    – Walkable
    Allows friendly humans to walk on and stand on its back
    Useful in water, you can move them to surface and use as a raft
    – Swimming depth
    Maintains its current depth when swimming
    Can lurk just below the surface
    – Piranhas Flee
    Piranhas flee when they encounter a Sarcosuchus
    Includes nearby ally Sarcos for players

    Dino TLC – Spino!
    – Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
    – Water buff
    Given when in water
    Bonus movement speed
    Bonus turning radius
    Bonus attack damage
    Bonus healing
    Persists for short period after leaving the water
    – Added Biped/Quadruped toggled with right-click
    Stronger attacks
    Can turn in place
    Faster movement speed
    – Prefers prime fish for taming

    Dino TLC – Trike!
    – Receives a model update, animation update, texture update, and some new abilities:
    – Ram
    Charge up for short period
    Longer it’s charged, the faster it goes
    Cripples target when hit
    Knocks small dinos away while charging (charge a group of dodos to see)
    – Rivalry buff
    Given buff when nearby to large carnivores
    Increases damage output slightly
    Decreases damage taken slightly
    Increases health by 10%

    – Ragnarok update
    Streaming bounds fix to help with memory
    Fixed multiple holes, bugged beacons, and floating foliage.
    Better lighting around LL dungeon
    – Hole fixes for
    The Center
    The Island
    – Fixed an issue where Griffin feather colors appeared to be default in single player.

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